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Information Security Audits


Versos offers Information Security Audit services to medium and large organizations with a particular focus on Compliance Audits as well as Business Process Audits.

The service is aimed at identifying potential security threats and vulnerabilities that may be compromised and eventually could impact the confidentiality, integrity or availability of your organization's information assets. Versos technical security audit methodology has been developed in accordance with International Information Systems Audit Standards (ISACA).

With a proven track record conducting Information Security Audits at numerous prestigious organizations in the Middle East, we are confident that our Audit services will provide your organization with and effective and valuable service that will meet your expectations.

Information Security Audit Objectives

  • To systematically and proactively protect your organization from the dangers and potential costs of computer misuse, data leakage and cybercrime.
  • To control and manage costs related to information security.
  • To provide credibility within your organization as well as with your customers and partners.
  • To provide better compliance with regulatory requirements for security and privacy.
  • To provide your organization with informed and practical decisions about security technologies and solutions applicable to  your environment.

Our Information Security Audit approach

Versos Information Security Auditors and Consultants work with you as partner sharing the same objective and that is to ensure that your information is indeed secure.

Versos methodology comprises five major steps. The steps are engineered in a comprehensive, shortest path and systematic approach. The major steps are:

  • Planning
    • Definition of the scope
    • Assigning the key resources
    • Developing the audit plan
  • Audit
    • Conducting walkthroughs and interviews
    • Reviewing and examining existing policies and procedures
    • Conduct the necessary tests
    • Identify the potential issues
  • Vulnerability Assessment
    • Data Collection and Identification
    • Network Mapping and Enumeration
    • Vulnerability Scanning
    • Risk Level and Impact Analysis
  • Reporting
    • Audit result analysis
    • Audit result report
    • Mitigation report
    • Audit presentation
  • Mitigation
    • Work with your organization to help mitigate the risks
    • Offer proven solutions that mitigate the risks

Our Success factors

To ensure a successful audit, we:

  • Provide industry specific expert consultants
  • Understand the need for bilingual consultants (Arabic & English) to conduct audits
  • Have open communications and a shared focus with you 
  • Proactively suggest as well as offer to implement the mitigation recommendations resulting from the audit