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ISO 27001 Compliance Services


Versos offers Information Security services to medium and large organizations with a particular focus on Compliance Audits as well as Business Process Audits.

With a proven track record conducting assessment, development, review and compliance services at numerous prestigious organizations in the Middle East, we are confident that our ISO/IEC 27001 Compliance services will provide your organization with and effective and valuable service that will meet your expectations.

27001 Compliance services include:

Development, Review and Assessment of ISMS policies and procedures

Policies are imperative to the successful deployment of any ISMS system and your certification process. While policies lie at the top-end of the ISMS paradigm yet it controls the development of your organization security procedures, technical standards and related management controls. In order for a policy to be achieve its objectives and purpose it has to tailored based on the organization needs and technical infrastructure, this is what Versos expertise and well developed methodology ensures. Not only this, but VERSOS knowledge and expertise in regional market applicable laws and regulations allow developed policies to achieve regulatory compliance and ensure a better governance model.

Security architecture design, assessment and review

Defense in-depth is an ever increasing requirement for all organization to ensure that improved security and secure technology implementation. A secure IT environment implies that your infrastructure is securely design and is incorporate into the develop technology related policies. At VERSOS, we not only review and design a secure infrastructure but we also take into consideration creating the right balance between the competing objectives of return on investment, operational excellence and secure infrastructure design.

Development, Assessment and review of Information Security Management forums

Information Security Management forum is the body within your organization responsible for directing, coordinating and managing security initiatives among all managing, coordinating and advising on security incidents. At VERSOS, we have the right tools, process and experience to design, review and help you successfully run and manage your information security management forum activities.

Development of Technical and Management Security controls and standards

Technical controls and baselines is what guarantees a secure technical infrastructure whether it is your software, hardware, network appliances VERSOS extensive knowledge and regularly updated database allow our clients to benefit from such our knowledge base and quickly harden and secure vulnerable assets thus minimizing the risk and increasing level of compliance.

Technical security controls are most effective when they are designed, implemented and managed within the context of a corporate Information Security Control Framework.