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Managed Security Services


Maintaining a secure operation with minimal number of incidents and ensure that network operations are status are achieving the business needs is imperative in today’s world of ever changing technology. Designing your process, policies and Key Performance Indicators to manage, drive and measure the performance of your security or network operations center is what add sets the barriers for a zero-day attack or extended services outages.

At Versos, we have an in-depth insight for not only designing operations centers policies, processes and KPIS but we also assist our customers by providing the training, operation support and offer an outsourcing model to guarantee that customer new staff can gain expertise and be able to operate autonomously.

Our managed security services spectrum include:

  • Security Operation Center Design, Management and Outsourcing
  • Network Operation Center Design, Management and Outsourcing

Our offering portfolio include:

  • Design/build of process, policies, procedures and KPI for your SOC or NOC
  • Assessment and Audit of SOC or NOC operations
  • Management of SOC or NOC operations
  • Outsourcing of SOC or NOC operations
  • Training on SOC or NOC operations