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Infrastructure Service Management Solutions


Today, there is increasing pressure on IT organizations to improve service levels, increase availability and reduce costs. Organizations are striving to achieve these goals through better manageability of their IT environment. By its nature, being the central location for shared computing resources, the data center is the single most concentrated, complex and strategic component of the IT environment, and therefore is the starting point for pursuing reduced complexity and better manageability.

Versos Unique Services

VERSOS offers enterprise solutions with the capabilities and tools to assist organizations with the challenges they face. VERSOS Enterprise Storage and High Availability Solutions serve four categories of business benefits:

  • Reduced costs (of staff, building and complexity)
  • Keeping up with business challenges
  • Improving service levels and availability
  • Minimizing the impact of external pressures

Versos: The New Business Imperative

The massively complex and heterogeneous environment within the data center undergoes tremendous change on a continual basis. To meet the needs of the ever-changing data center and ensure the infrastructure and applications function properly on an on-going basis, Versos evolves organizations to a higher level of process maturity within the data center.

    Versos offers:

By partnering with the leaders in High Availability technology, Versos helps organizations employ an integrated set of systems and processes to holistically manage the data center as a single entity, including the overall physical infrastructure. Versos helps organizations truly reach a higher level of data center process maturity and deliver IT services in complete alignment with business objectives.

Industry Solutions

Versos delivers IT infrastructure solutions that enable organizations to take control of the complex physical environment of the data center. It provides a framework to deliver services in a standard, consistent manner for all types of industries in order to achieve significant improvements in impact analysis, proactive capacity planning, ensure availability and achieve overall world-class performance in IT operations.

After partnering with a number of different organizations, Versos is able to face unique challenges and issues to deliver optimal levels of business service, while aligning the people, processes and technology. Serving different industries such as the banks, telecommunications, government and others, Versos understands how to best leverage its comprehensive set of solutions, services and experience to accommodate the needs of various organizations to build an innovative and competitive organization.

Versos offers the following enterprise infrastructure solutions: