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Anti-Money Laundering Awareness

Despite the development and publication of comprehensive policies and procedures, Client Compliance & Security Departments, need to effectively communicate the requirements of these policies to all customers and system users to reduce security incidents that can evolve due to lack of knowledge of possible threats. Client Compliance & Security Departments will experience difficulty in improving compliance with policy requirements and reducing breaches and violations unless effective communication is achieved. Successful training and communication initiatives are one important method of improving awareness and understanding of inform consumers.

Although most clients have taken very extensive steps to protecting their boundaries from intruders, however one major weakness remains un protecting against brutal attacks, The Human Factor. The weakest point within any system is the user, there is no protection against Phishing, spoofing and social engineering except with education training and increased awareness.

Versos with SAI Global provide enterprise-wide learning and awareness services for information security, risk, ethics and regulatory compliance for many of the world’s leading organisations. We combine strategic consultancy with the provision of practical solutions to deliver tailored security messages to identified audience groups and with technical, implementation and communication support. We are uniquely placed to provide global services and support to clients at a local level through such partnership.

Our solutions with SAI Global have been localized and customized to the local environment covering the following:

SAI Global
  • Financial Crime (including AntiMoney Laundry)
  • Information Security (including ISO 27002 & InfoSec Awareness)
  • Privacy & Data Protection
  • Ethics & Compliance