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Information Security Management


At Versos, we offer an organization-wide solution that automates rules and controls against potential risks to information and data infrastructure assets to comply with the enterprise information security policies and baselines including legal and regulatory, audit and compliance, and information protection requirements.

Also, a key feature of this modular solution “Event Management” is that it collects/stores log data from different data infrastructure assets on the corporate network, continuously monitors data infrastructure assets status against built-in & customizable policies, and responds to security events to meet IT risk and compliance mandates.

Through its policy-based event management feature; the security event management system detects, normalizes and correlates in real-time event data to provide insight into the impact of events on business operation pertaining to business importance or compliance mandates. Thereafter, assigned response ratings and policies allow prioritization of security incidents. All to minimize risk, reduce resolution time, provide robust reporting, and improve operational efficiency.

The key functions of the modular solution offered are:

  • Compliance Management System
  • Server Audit and Compliance
  • Information Security Policy Management System
  • Security Event Management