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Password Management


  • Privileged User and Password Management

In today’s distributed computing world; protecting and managing administrative passwords such as “root”, “administrator”, “sa”, and “enable” is one of the top security initiatives. Accordingly, there is a lot of focus by many leading enterprise on automating the shared administrative password policies, procedures and controls from password storage management to release and update including traceability.

At Versos, we offer an enterprise-wide totally secure hardened appliance for managing distributed-systems administrative passwords through enabling role based access control and maintaining individual accountability while having a robust auditing & reporting capabilities.


  • Remote Vendor Monitoring (session recording)

To meet various business demands (e.g. vendor mission critical technical support), vendor(s) require privileged remote access to the organization’s infrastructure. Granting remote access to vendors while meeting compliance & audit requirements such as Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GLBA) has always been a challenge.

At Versos, we offer a solution that provides granular controlled access via HTTPS and SSH with no system level connection, complete visibility through session recording while having a robust auditing & reporting capabilities.